Wildfire’s one number provides you the privacy for all your locations and telephone numbers.

What is Wildfire?

Wildfire is weightless and invisible, yet always as close as the nearest phone.

Wildfire is your single telephone number which you can use anywhere. Your virtual assistant is voice activated, and by understanding voice commands, helps you connect quicker. Wildfire is programmed to recognize often used words and obey specific commands like calling someone on your contact list. Or staying up to date with your schedule so that she knows where to reach you to forward your calls or give you a reminder of something.

Wildfire is your voicemail, receptionist and secretary in a single package.  Plus, Wildfire protects your privacy by not disclosing your location. So you can actually take a business call while on vacation (i.e. if you want to) and not worry about losing a contact. And if you think Wildfire is getting too intrusive, just give a command saying you are not available.

Wildfire, your perfect virtual assistant, will take messages and relay them to you at your convenience.  You have the power and capabilities of a multi-line phone system and a receptionist / secretary with you at all times.

Quite simply, you can take a call while on a call, virtually as many as you can handle. You can also create instant, ‘on-the-fly’ conferences with simple voice commands.