Nothing compares to Wildfire when it comes to needing up to six phone lines at your disposal for multiple incoming and outgoing calls or to initiate a voice activated, on the fly, conference call wherever you are on the planet irrespective of the carrier.

What Can Wildfire Do?

Wildfire screens, routes, and announces incoming calls, regardless of your location.

While on calls, she whispers in your ear to announce new callers, giving you the option of placing your current caller on hold if the new call is important. She offers callers a single Wildfire number to reach you – wherever you are; Wildfire maintains a ‘virtual phonebook’ of contacts that you can voice dial at any time. She schedules and reminds you of all your follow-up calls and action items, handles all your messaging, giving you an advanced set of voicemail features, all this and more while being hands-free.


Call Screening, Call Announce

Your Wildfire is your secretary, screening and announcing your calls to you anywhere, anytime without giving up your freedom or privacy, free your important clients from voice mail and eliminate phone tag.


Call Routing

If you tell Wildfire that you are taking calls at a particular location or telephone number and someone calls your Wildfire number, Wildfire calls you at the location indicated on your schedule and tells you the caller’s name. If you accept the call, Wildfire routes it to you. If you prefer not to take the call, Wildfire takes a message and provides you with the details when you ask for them later.


Call Whisper

When you are on a call and Wildfire answers another call, she will whisper in your ear (no one else will hear) the second caller’s name. This provides you the option of placing the current caller on hold and taking the second call (or third, fourth, up-to six calls), conference the two calls together, or letting the second call go to voicemail


One Number

No longer do you need to provide the office direct line, the ‘after hours’ office line, home office line, home number, mobile number etc. the list goes on and on. Wildfire provides one number for your communication needs – you tell Wildfire where you will be, preserving your freedom and privacy.


Virtual Phonebook

Contacts are the people, places, and groups you communicate with regularly. Wildfire stores these important contacts in its Contact List. Once Wildfire learns who your contacts are, you can place calls or send messages by telling Wildfire the contact’s name. When a contact calls you, Wildfire greets them, she can even recognize them by their voice, and either forwards the call to you or takes a message at your request.