Virtual Assistants

A Virtual Assistant is intelligent speech based interactive software that performs the functions of a highly skilled secretary. Answering, screening and routing calls are just some of the functions our convenient and elegant assistants handle 24/7 with 100% efficiency.

  • Call Whisper doubles that power while on a call
  • Call Screening allows you the power you need to control your day
  • Voice Activation is what you need when you’re on the road
  • Privacy of giving out one number, no longer are multiple numbers necessary
  • Reminders and callbacks keep you on top and in control of the little things

Virtual Services

Touch-tone based automated attendant perceived by callers as a sophisticated and reliable auto receptionist.
Individuals and smaller companies may now simulate the telephone capabilities of a large enterprise equipped with their own expensive private branch exchange systems.
The virtual power of a full featured PBX with a monthly subscription price.