Powerful queuing options, sophisticated routing functionality, teleconferencing, system administrator controls, call announcement, call screening, advanced voice mail, web portal control, faxing, information messages or mailboxes — to name a few. No longer are you tied to one location for the functionality of your phone system.

Unlike Virtuosity’s other services, — Wildfire and Maestro — vibratoPBX™ is not voice-activated and does not fall into the category of a virtual assistant. Rather, it is a touch-tone-based automated attendant perceived by callers as a sophisticated and infallible virtual auto attendant.

Transfer existing telephone numbers is available. Multiple telephone numbers are necessary for some companies as they track marketing promotions, direct calls to an extension or queue, or even for various regions of the country.

There is no software or hardware to install, easy setup and control, as vibratoPBX™ is a hosted PBX communication service.

Flexibility, scalability, and expandability – all words to describe the versatility of vibratoPBX’s PBX service available to you as your business requirements change on a continuous basis.


Call Management

  • Reception assistant / auto attendant greeting provides a professional image all day, everyday. Customize the greeting to fit your company’s style and image along with a selection of ‘music-on-hold’ or your custom music.
  • Incoming calls can automatically be call routed to specific extensions or queues based on area codes, prefixes, and telephone numbers. This feature assists in balancing the call traffic to the appropriate areas.
  • The reception assistant / auto attendant provides a company directory listing for inbound callers. Extension users maybe listed or not listed in the directory depending on privacy required.
  • Is the inbound call a fax? Quickly the reception assistant / auto attendant distinguishes that a fax is arriving and switches into fax mode placing the fax in the operator extension. Faxing directly to an extension via the auto attendant is available or for high volume, you may want a fax telephone number to a specific extension.
  • Start a conference at any time, easy to use, no schedules or pins to setup. View the conference participants with real-time monitoring.


Call Answering

  • Extensions may specify at which location they would like to receive an Incoming call or select ‘follow me’ where vibratoPBX™ can call up to four different locations, sequentially, e.g. work, mobile, car.
  • Call screening or Call Announce setting, asks the inbound caller’s name before putting the call through, allowing you to decide to take the call or send to voice mail. vibratoPBX™ also captures the inbound caller’s caller-id
  • Call routing rule provides flexibility on blocking or handling of inbound caller ids e.g. routing calls to queues or extensions based on the area code, area code and prefix, or the caller-ids.
  • While vibratoPBX™ is forwarding the call to your location, the caller will hear music on hold. Upon receiving the call you can take the call, send to voice mail, or transfer the call to another extension.
  • Faxes may be stored, forwarded to another fax machine, forwarded to another extension, or emailed as a .pdf file. Faxes are available for viewing over the vibratoPBX™ web site.
  • Extensions can be located anywhere in the world, they are virtual, and can be marked as available or unavailable. Extensions may log into a single or multiple queues via the web or telephone. Flexibility is the key!



  • Queues function as virtual call centers as inbound calls route the next available extension.
  • Call routing may be setup based on the expertise of each available extension. While waiting in the queue, inbound callers may hear customized messages or specific music while holding. In addition, specific parameters are available to handle overflow or after hours for each queue. Extensions marked available in several queues will know which queue they are receiving the inbound call from, as vibratoPBX™ will announce the queue name.


Voice Mail

  • Voice Mail messages are available for listening over the telephone or the web. Fast-forwarding or rewinding is available when listening to messages. In addition, forwarding a voice mail to another extension or broadcast to a group is available.
  • Receiving new message notification via email, or pager/SMS is a setup option. One of the setup options is to include the voice mail as an attachment (the voice mail file is a .wav format).
  • Creating a voice message and distributing it to an individual or broadcasting, it to a group provides quick communication.


System Administration

  • Web interface allows easy access to reports, configuration settings, monitoring of queues, and adding/deleting/editing extensions. In addition, performing many administrative duties via the telephone is available to system administrators