Can you find your business similarities in the vibratoPBX scenarios listed below?

vibratoPBX™ offers one central location for all inbound calls with a custom Reception Assistant greeting directing inbound callers to the appropriate department or extension.

An Ordering Queue allows inbound callers to be transferred to the next available call center representative; if all representatives are busy the inbound caller will hear music while on hold.

Scenario #1

Successful African American business woman at a speaking engagement.An individual involved with multiple businesses including a phone number for each business, two cell phones, a home office and an executive suite. There are various partners in one venture where a significant amount of time is spent chasing and returning voicemails all day long. This results in passing information to other partners by trying to locate them only to end up leaving messages at their office, home, and/or cell phone voicemail creating further delays.


vibratoPBX™ provides a Virtual Receptionist / Auto Attendant that can be customized to meet the needs of the company. It can direct inbound callers to specific extensions, provide a company directory for the inbound caller to select an individual’s extension allowing calls to go directly out to a specific partner. Moreover, vibratoPBX provides a central location for all faxes. An Individual extension may transfer an inbound caller to another extension besides as well as forwarding voicemail messages to another individual extension.

Scenario #2

Real Estate Broker discussing the apartment design.A Real Estate Agent with multiple office locations – a home office, a desk at the broker’s office, and a makeshift office in a car consistently in and out of the office showing properties or meeting with clients. When in various meetings not all calls received, are top priorities but how to make this determination before taking the call is the question. Faxes go to one location resulting in many trips to the broker’s office to receive the documents and there is no notification when a fax arrives. Occasionally, being able to setup a conference call to quickly resolve an issue with various parties rather than making various calls and ending up in voicemail requiring more follow up calls.


vibratoPBX provides call screening of incoming calls, which provides knowledge as to the priority of the caller. A central location for receiving of faxes as well as forwarding faxes to another location or emailing to an email address plus providing text or SMS notification when a fax arrives. Conferencing is easy to setup and provides up to 25 participants.

Scenario #3

Architects reviewing the blue print plans.A national full-service architectural, engineering, and construction company that has multiple projects, multiple project coordinators, vendors and customers spread across several locations in certain cities and across time-zones. There are various telephone numbers published, a telephone number for each division, Architects, Engineering, and Construction. 80% of the staff is involved in each division. The company is looking for a way to have three separate virtual receptionists allowing the inbound caller to connect with various departments and almost any of the staff members no matter their location and transfer calls internally within the organization.


vibratoPBX allows the flexibility of numerous reception assistants / auto attendants with various numbers directed to them. The architecture of vibratoPBX allows one extension to be accessible by all reception assistants. Staff members can redirect their vibratoPBX extension to any phone or set their calls on a ‘follow-me’ mode where vibratoPBX will try up to four different phone locations. The flexibility of making an extension available or taking messages is very easy, as well as, being able to transfer an inbound call to another department or staff member. The flexibility of making an extension available or taking messages is very easy, as well as, being able to transfer an inbound call to another department or staff member.