Then there is vibratoPBX. This is a touch tone based virtual automated attendant, as opposed to a virtual attendant. Being a hosted PBX service, there is no additional software or hardware required here.

vibratoPBX enhances your professional image with its powerful queuing options, sophisticated routing, call screening and more. It evolves with your business and has the flexibility to scale and expand.

Virtuosity brings you the vibratoPBX solution, an affordable hosted communication service.

vibratoPBX™ offers a PBX virtual receptionist with flexibility and scalability of extensions, advanced voicemail, true queuing, conferencing, and call transfer options that deliver the image, productivity, and professionalism of a well-established company – bridging the gap in your communications.

vibratoPBX™ provides a business-class phone system as a subscription service. This means that your company can have the professional image and functionality of a Fortune 500 Company’s phone system and presence without any hardware/software purchase, maintenance, or dedicated personnel that are associated with an in-house PBX system.

Call Routing Examples:

Here are some illustrated examples of call routing depicting how inbound phone calls are handled, transferred and delivered to various extensions, queues, voicemails or information boxes.


  • A hosted communication service that you subscribe to rather than purchase hardware of software. No maintenance fees or hardware/software upgrades to include in your budget.
  • A virtual reception assistant / auto attendant that answers all calls, provides you a truly affordable, reliable, flexible and professional telephone PBX solution.
  • Communicate to working groups or individuals anywhere in the world with Broadcast Messages.
  • Queues provide Automatic Call Distribution. An extension can log into a specific queue or queues and automatically receive calls.
  • Call Transfer options allow live transfers announced or unannounced.
  • Phone Systems have changed dramatically over the years requiring specific personnel to setup and maintain on a regular schedule, not to mention the hardware and software upgrades required on a continuous basis.
  • Professional image is an important aspect of business. The manner in answering and processing inbound callers calls formulates their first impression of the business.
  • Subscription Service eliminates the annual maintenance agreements, no hardware or software, no lease payments, scalable to meet business needs within minutes, in addition to ‘easy to use’.
  • PBX – vibratoPBX™ a flexible virtual telephone system with call routing, follow-me, faxing, true queuing, and many more features with true scalability.