Wildfire Virtual AssistantCall Screening and Call Whisper announces the name of the inbound caller giving the option to take the call or send to voicemail.

Wildfire’s ‘on-the-fly’ conference supports up to six participants

Maestro Virtual AssistantMaestro provides a professional greeting along with a personalized voice mail greeting to inbound callers.

Maestro’s Reception Assistant provides the look and feel of a large company with one central location  for receiving of calls, faxes for distribution via email quickly and efficiently.

vibratoPBX virtual servicevibratoPBX offers one central location for all inbound calls with a customer Reception Assistant greeting directing inbound callers to the appropriate department or extension.

An Ordering Queue allows inbound callers to be transferred to the next available call center representative; if all representatives are busy the inbound caller will hear music while on hold.