VirtuosityMost users of the World Wide Web and Internet are motivated and concerned about spam, viruses, cookies, and the privacy of their personal information and habits getting into the hands of persons, businesses and/or organizations with less than honorable intentions.

As a matter of fact, surveys have clearly shown that most visitors want to read a website’s Privacy Policy Statement from the moment the home page appears before they decide to explore the rest of the website – let alone bookmark the website location so they can return time and again.

Virtuosity is united and serious when it comes to our Privacy Policy.

We will NOT sell, provide, lend, give away or allow others to see or have email listings of visitors to our website. Any information, which you may provide to us in the form of an information request, is also confidential and is not sold or given to any third parties.

We do not use Cookies and we will not allow pop up ads within our website. We do have software on our servers that keeps track of technical information that allows us to refine and maintain our website so it will function with a wide variety of browsers running on a wide variety of computers. However, the information that it gathers is NOT specific to any one visitor of our website. The information is gathered and presented in aggregate form specifically for adjusting our website so it will work efficiently and effectively every time you visit.

We look forward to providing you with excellent service.