Then we come to Maestro.  A single Toll-Free number that bonds all of your communications together.

One number provides a virtual phone system along with faxing and email capabilities. You stay connected everywhere, at all times, although call screening allows you to prioritize your calls. Maestro has a unique call blast feature that makes all your connections ring simultaneously when a call comes so you can attend to your professional calls no matter your location.

Maestro is ideal for people who continuously work between the computer and the phone. Voicemail accessibility over the Web, in addition, to the phone is a major plus point. Also, Maestro can differentiate between a voice tone and a fax tone making office communication simpler.

Entrepreneurs, small businesses, or corporations looking for seamless connectivity and professional image whether in one location or many satellite offices or home office locations embrace the call management capabilities of a virtual assistant.

Privacy of your caller id or location is an important requirement for many business professionals Maestro protects those locations.

Call Announce or Call Screening provides information as to the inbound caller assisting you in determining the priority of the incoming call.

Staying connected with unique ‘follow me’ features allows connectivity anywhere, anytime.

Maestro provides a follow me option or create a schedule of where and when you will be accessible to take calls; call forwarding to one location or call blasting up to four locations.

When not able to receive calls you may receive email and/or page notifications of voicemails, faxes, calendar events, and conferencing notices. Voicemails sent as .mp3 files along with faxes in a .pdf format.  Similar to a good live assistant and/or answering service, a virtual assistant answers, screens, routes, announces and basically finds you anyplace, anytime, anywhere, at your discretion, or not at all.