Maestro handles your Calls, Faxes, Calendar with scheduling, Conferencing, Voice Broadcast Messaging, Voicemail and more to give you the edge over your competition.

A toll-free number for voice and fax provides you connectivity of receiving calls / faxes and or making calls anywhere, anytime.

Privacy of your location and Caller-Id when receiving and making outbound calls is critical for various professions and individuals.

Voice Activation is an important feature especially when you need to be hands free. Maestro provides the flexibility of using voice or touch-tone commands.


Call Answering

  • Incoming calls can be call blasted up to four different locations, simultaneously, e.g. office, home, mobile, cellular. Each location may have a different security level.
  • The follow-me feature allows the Maestro user to call in from each location-notifying Maestro of the new location to forward incoming calls.
  • Call screening or Call Announce setting, asks the inbound caller’s name before putting the call through, this feature maybe turned on or off. Maestro also captures the inbound caller’s Caller-Id.
  • Call whisper or Call Announce is a function that informs you who is calling, allowing you to decide to take the call or send to voice mail.
  • Call answer rules provide flexibility on answering incoming calls e.g. time of day, Caller-Id, what numbers not to accept.
  • Call transferring provides the ability to transfer a live call to another member or destination e.g. office to mobile phone, or to an operator.
  • Nine custom front greetings are available for creation and selection in creating call answer rules.
  • While Maestro is forwarding the call to your current location, the caller will hear music on hold. Upon receiving the call you may transfer the call to other group Maestro members or to another personal destination.
  • Faxing options are numerous such as forwarding an incoming fax to a fax machine, contact, member, or email. One hundred fifty pages of faxes may be stored and viewed over a secure web site.



Maestro provides up to 32 lines of conferencing. Creating a conference, ‘on the fly’ via the telephone or the web conferences is easy. Schedule and manage conferences or generate an invitation to join a conference is simple to create on the conferencing web page. Conferences can occur supervised or unsupervised.



The contact database can hold up to 2,000 contact destinations. PIM synchronization is available using a .csv file to your Palm Pilot, Windows CE device, MS Outlook or any IMAP compliant application via the web.



Create reminders for placement on your calendar over the telephone or the web. Calendar options for notification are a telephone call, email, or SMS. (What is SMS – the transmission of short text messages to and from a mobile phone, fax machine and/or IP address. Messages must be no longer than 160 alphanumeric characters and contain no images or graphics.) The calendar stores up to 200 reminders/events.


Voice Mail

Voice Mail messages are available for listening over the telephone or the web. Fast-forwarding or rewinding are two options when listening to long messages. In addition, forwarding a voice mail via email to a member, contact, or broadcast to a group via the telephone or web interface is available.

There are four standard voice mail greetings provided with the option of customizing each greeting.

Receiving new message notification via telephone, email, or pager/SMS is a setup option. One of the setup options is to include the voice mail as an attachment (the voice mail file is a .wav format).



The same one number for voice is also the fax number. Maestro distinguishes between voice and fax tones. After receiving a fax, there are various setup options as to the handling e.g. forward to a fax machine, or a contact, or broadcasting to a group, etc. In addition, viewing and downloading of faxes over the web or receiving them as a .pdf attachment via email is available. Notification of a new fax is a setup option by selecting telephone, email, or pager/SMS as the delivery method.


Reception Assistant

A tireless human-like receptionist who works 24/7— the Maestro Reception Assistant answers and distributes the calls to individual Maestro users when the inbound caller states the person’s name or touch tones their extension.